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Geographical localization

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Country United States , US , NA
Coordinates 38.0, -97.0
ISP Zoogle_Interactive_Pty_Ltd
Organization Zoho_Tech

DNS records for

IPv4 addresses (A):

Host IP v4 address TTL 38400

IPv6 addresses (AAAA): has no IPv6 address assigned.

NS records:

Domain Nameserver TTL 38400 38400

MX records:

Domain Exchange Preference TTL 10 38400

SOA record (Start of Authority):

  • rname:
  • retry: 3600
  • mname:
  • refresh: 10800
  • minimum: 38400
  • expire: 604800
  • serial: 1385384475

MD5: 009c1b03b2a8d4d3819fc8f596cd1f70

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